Monday, February 15, 2010

Why & When Mucus Come From Cervix Could This Cervix Mucus Suggest Conception Has Taken Place?

Could this cervix mucus suggest conception has taken place? - why & when mucus come from cervix

I am 8 days past ovulation and I experience trying conceive.i reduce back pain which is very unusual, as is usual in my belly when the pain is a dull ache and comes and goes, but that it sometimes feels like menstrual pain, is But at my back, which is unusual.i, I also noticed that my cervical mucus was increased again, is the amount of time of ovulation but increasingly sticky (but not elastic, like looking at ovulation) I tryed, but not have found a lot and want to obtain information or opinions.


Kaiya's Mama said...

Some women notice an increase in discharge during pregnancy, but you can not with the cervical mucus as an indicator of pregnancy.

Rachacha said...

Have you noticed an implantation bleeding? Normally 3-7 days after fertilization when the egg is fertilized in the womb lodges, a small amount of bleeding or spotting. This is a sign of conception.

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