Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Much Would A Camera Sell For How Much Would You Sell This Camera For On EBay?

How much would you sell this camera for on eBay? - how much would a camera sell for

I have a Nikon N6006, and I am looking for the update. I looked at eBay and see anybody sold 100 to $ 200. I wonder how much is sold.
You get the camera, an autofocus lens Sigma, a carrying case, manual and cleaning cloths. And all for only $ 100? This does not seem right.


rs said...

Start Bidding at $ 0.01. They sell for what its worth. A 35-mm camera film is cheap. I have a new K2 EOS with 28-90mm zoom for $ 44 clearance last year at Best Buy.

Frankly, the goal is probably worth more than the Nikon SLR camera to be used to start. The bag can also be used, the digital SLR cameras. I want to keep everything, but the body and what you can do about it. Otherwise, wrap it and put it in your attic. This is probably not worth more than they can earn it.

.::BIG::. .::red::. said...

They should start at the auction, 99 cents. Let people bid on, if everything you say is likely to exceed the price with the offers.

biggirlb... said...

You have to sell at the price you bought, but an additional $ 25

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