Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sample Basal Body Temperature Chart Ladies, Is It Good To Know That You Ovulate?

Ladies, is it good to know that you ovulate? - sample basal body temperature chart

So my question to this is because my husband and I have been TTC # 1 for almost 3 years. I did not get pregnant in early March, I finally went to see a doctor. The samples were taken from a Pap smear and a blood test. She put me in the basal body temperature and began to sketch the mapping of the 7th March. I have my time for 11-14. I was sooo scared that it might something wrong with me, or I can not ovulate, which is the reason for my coming is not pregnant. I saw my temperature rise in the 30th March, and it is clear that the ovulation, so that a good sign? On 28 I had light, water, sticky white discharge, pain or cramping in the abdomen and chest pains when I ovulate the 29th and then 3 NextDay my temperature has remained at the same place. was before my temperature from 97.0 to 97.2. within 3 days of 29, was 97.6.


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