Saturday, February 13, 2010

People Who Hiccup Alot Hardest Desision Of My Life?

Hardest desision of my life? - people who hiccup alot

In the 20 weeks and 4 days pregnant (by accident) that I took the pill and the ear infection and ear drops have surgery on my shelf by my doc. In any case .........
In the 19 and my bf is 20 Although people have children younger than we think he can not give this child life really deserve it. Abortion was never an option for me. I will not give up, i really really dont. She moves in me, I feel her hiccups every movement. I have a good job, but does my BF. We both live with our parents and can not afford to leave yet. I have to pay many debts in the next few months and really can not pay my child. To live thoughts, and I do not see, and my daughter will not kill me, but luckily no one who is approx WIHor call everything I can.
The couple were in CONCIDERING my little girl is a pair of lesbians. Although I have absolutely no problem with that. How do u think you are without a father to be ready?


Twin momma as of 11/11 said...

It is dealing a surprising decision. I am glad you have a few in mind who are willing to accept your child. Many lesbian couples are sure that the men around their children so that they understand the male energy, and a father figure. Because they can choose who can be a very thoughtful process. Discuss with your partner and ensure that they are on the same page as you. I agree it is important to have role models, strong positive role of women and men. It is also important to a good network are involved. This is one of the interesting things about the adoption, the child is sure that these things that the selection process is completed, have. Sometimes I wish all parents had to do!

Please understand happen, even in the things that heterosexual couples beforeBreakdown of the male influence of widowhood, deployment, employment, or divorce, so the decision for a family with a "built in the people" can not be the answer. Finally, there is the fact that not all models of male behavior well.

EDIT to the person who believes that homosexual parents, the child of a lesbian-Horror! His parents do not determine your sexuality! Otherwise, there would be no gay or lesbian to think at all!

princess... said...

First, I want to say sorry to make a difficult decision such as this. I do not know where you live, or to leave as the provisions of the Decree, but they never thougth about open adoption means that you can always see, and let your life? My sister has, and it seems also to their work. As for the couple, who thinks that I personally have no objection. But I also believe that children, both parents because of my experience, should not have a mother in my life and my children do not Haing a father figure for some years. I think what you decide how you best for your child, what is important. I also told him that you are a very loving person who does not kill the child, even though he knew thatciouldnt that they are important to you, and be very careful to someone who can give and take care of properly. Perhaps before birth can think what they really want. Teaching children is difficult, I know I have 3 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the road, but not as difficult as people think. Good luck and I hope that everything you want. Attract more open adoption seriously consider if it something you want.

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