Monday, February 8, 2010

Red Bump On Lip Piercing Bump Right Below My Lip Piercing?

Bump right below my lip piercing? - red bump on lip piercing

I have my lip pierced last Saturday, so I have a needle on the other causes of inflammation in I first started, because every time I move to talk is so great, it was a bump under my t lil doesn 'hurt and there is pus or red or pain is not just a slap Skintone CMJ is basically what I am not d get the transition to a shorter one.will help? The last night of the coup was mother says what he means is that true?
please.the help even Drilling is great! ^ - ^


taryn said...

sounds like a keloid. Google it.

blackout said...

Yes, why you need a tongue piercing look cool.I if you have a much smaller is better, but I tell you it's not good, because at a time to go off.

[[Terinb... said...

Why spend money on a hole in the animal? You try to attract attention. Seriously, that's the only reason why people piercings, no earrings. same with a tattoo.

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