Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Template Motorcycle Racing Suit Which Would You Choose?

Which would you choose? - template motorcycle racing suit

a.) Mustang or bike?
b) What kind of Mustang or motorcycle
c) The images can be viewed

a.) Mustang
b) 2005 Red Convertible
c.) ...


Javier D said...

a.) It depends if you are not at all travel and live in a place where the climate is warm in general, a bicycle. Otherwise, the Mustang.

b.) A Harley (I love them all), or a ninja. As for the Mustang, I would have a GT that hardtop. Convertibles are shaped too much trouble, and Conv Mustang would be a waste of money. Even if you do not get the Mustang GT is completely useless. I want to save and do it again, this way you will go back to the dealer if you need some technical problems, mechanical /.

c) You can use any picture you want on Google. And if you want to see the interior / engine Mustang engine with the eBay you can find almost any car you want, / and there.

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