Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Measles And Itchy Skin Skin Rash. Pictures Included.?

Skin rash. Pictures included.? - measles and itchy skin

I had this rash for 3 days. His intense itching. I often have eczema. But very little. This outbreak is in the legs, arms, face), eyelids (extreme itchiness in my scalp.
What is it?
My mother thinks it may have an allergic reaction to something.
But my big admits that he is against rubella (German measles).
This is nothing like eczema. That is a lot more in the area, and all kinds of 1mm/3mm spots.
I have nothing like this in the back or abdomen.
I alsot in the throat and into my arms.

Any help would be very grateful.


DAWN J said...

Your mother has changed washing powder? Do you want a response to something.get you had with your doctor looks like.

Annt Hu DeShalit said...

No one can diagnose a rash all over the internet. In fact, even doctors, who are trained and actually in search of an eruption can not be sure what the right away. Of the places in red occur in both breasts, does not sound like the inflammatory breast cancer. This could be a sort of insect bites, allergic reactions or skin irritation. Heat rash is also common in this time of year, especially in hot and humid depths of his chest.

I do not need to worry about it yet, because only three days. Do not forget the doctor when you call to go to your appointment.

If the spots are even worse, or if new symptoms occur, you can see, if you make an appointment before they can take.


Andy G said...

like eczema, even if only mild eczema, you do not know, such as eczema or a bad atmosphere like no crime. May appear differently from one person to another, trying to look at any changes in your diet, detergents, etc., to change just soap, no odors or garbage in the luxury and the first organic clothes, while not cos your doctor a 4-year degree for a reason that no one can say, it is assumed that the cap can imagine, but not the final answer. My personal guess is that eczema can be caused by stress. doc theyll see what kind

Joseph P said...

This is not chicken pox or measles, because they have no symptoms. I think it's probably poison ivy, oak and sumac. If no pica, the poison is. If you buy a lotion for healing. Counter. to - the deal - to.

Happylit... said...

It seems very swollen and very hot, as you say - you have this checked with your doctor - do not rely on information from the Internet for answers. Good luck x

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