Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pediatrician Emergency Walk In Clinic Toronto HELP! No One Seems To Know What Is Wrong With My Four Year Old Son!?

HELP! No one seems to know what is wrong with my four year old son!? - pediatrician emergency walk in clinic toronto

My son is four. It is a twin, is the weight, but otherwise healthy. Is mentally before the children of his age. A year ago she began with these episodes, where from, where you can not (can not connect trigger when it happens that you do something else) falling down, stiffening his arms and legs and complained of pain in the cutting head and stomach, disorientation go heavy vommiting then extreme tiredness and inability to. His students also diallate. The first time was more than a matter of a few hours, but seem to take more frequent and longer and more afraid, if problems completely back to his old self. I took him to the emergency room of the hospital, his pediatrician referred him to the DEP for pediatric neurology. but his appointment was not until September! Can you believe it! I researched all the symptoms just want to know what's going on with him, a terrible feeling, a feeling that you can help your child, please help


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It looks like the attention! What sounds, etc., but most children well.

I have children and I know many people, the children and parents you want to give the child the feeling that the attention deserved. You say you can not specify every time this happens. Well, allow me to say something when my son was in the hospital every day until someone figures this problem, the answer is not at home in front of the computer application for anyone to. Put beer or wine, and the hospital. I tried to not be bad if I answered your question, but do not take it seriously, because if you be in the hospital.

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