Monday, December 28, 2009

Msn Sluts Emails Omg Sum1 On Msn Being Strange...?

Omg sum1 on msn being strange...? - msn sluts emails

I was on msn and someone starts talking, my friend speaks of a right, and son. and prepared to load a webcam so I went left and too long and your webcam is not the way I would do anything Coz I'm not a bitch, bitch slag was set on fire or whatever the uspirise and has lived, and I was like wat? and thirst, I'm a girl and I was like, if I see that you had me go to ur school! (Coz it was such a thing, through which one could the line as it was to see ...) and she told me, humiliate me and I as K O. .. hw can do, and that? and they were like GT Coz u mwahahaha ur boobs, and I was like, I'm nt diddn't BT say ur cake and that I am and tells me I'm not just sayig not this kind of thing and I was like, and hu ru den? and move your mare mwhaahahaha worse at night and I will again v.funny haha and signed by a leash, so that stupid people

What do you think of that I think people are sad and stupid wat about you?


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