Saturday, December 26, 2009

Angelina Jolie Makeup Tips I Need Makeup Tips On How And What To Apply On My Eyes!?

I need makeup tips on how and what to apply on my eyes!? - angelina jolie makeup tips

Hello to all! So basically, my concerns are as eye makeup in the eye.

My eyes are sunken, set small, round, and a large breakfast. Yes, I know, terrible T_T LOL! So if anyone knows how to eye shadow, eyeliner to use, how to apply or improve anything else in my eyes, please send a reply!

Oh, I forgot ... My eyes are brown.

LOL I know this is not really about the issue, but how could my eyebrows? My eyebrows are thick, of course, but slightly curved, it is quite long and kind of straight. I have an oval face, with a kind of pine LOL like Angelina Jolie

So any advice would be very nice! Thank you:)


Anonymous said...

Since the fall of the year and has brown eyes, I want to use the earth tone colors. Brown, tan, beige, and always a little white for the color you need, when top glitterish.
I will try to explain this as best as possible. When applying eyeliner, do not start at the corner of the eye, you need to instead of tabs start house background. (This will increase your eyes, even if you do something else), beginning just above the tabs at the top and from the application of the darkest color. Try to work: brush better.
Then just follow the upward movements to the next darker color. Always remember, the light upward strokes with a brush. Finally, apply, just below the eyebrow, a little white or color that you have and the curve outward. Use the center of the eye to ensure that they remain. Damn, I know exactly how, but explains that it is more difficult. Sorry, my answer is so long. What do your eyebrows, go get a beauty shop and get waxed, it is very expensive.

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