Thursday, December 3, 2009

Autism More Condition_symptoms Are Some Autism Cases More Serious Than Others?

Are some autism cases more serious than others? - autism more condition_symptoms

I have autism and I can walk, talk, but I'm having problems with friends at school. Do you think that there is more severe cases than others?


wannasno... said...

There are a wide range on the autism spectrum. Most children with autism have learned, in one way or another to communicate but not others. Being with autistic features that are not typical, including difficulties with social skills. I suggest you participate in a group of social skills are (check with the school speech therapist about this) to get the commitment of others. My son is autistic and does not realize how selfish he is (he even only 6). Other children are not only interested in talking about what he wants to talk, or do whatever you want to do and how you want. That, like him, but his car absorbedness tends to isolate others. It is a good idea, good friends who have common interests and build relationships to find with the help of adult mentors as teachers, parents and therapists.

crazy said...

Do you have Asperger's syndrome, can be perceptible, if you are outside of work, I think it can go far

Alissa H said...

I think there are serious cases than others, but now that I was 5 years old (diagnosed until the final) and all the research I have between autism and Asperger's Syndrome do I see a lot of that in me as a child and adolescents. My son is high functioning and intelligent, it only makes sense when he speaks, and having problems because of the problems in trying to communicate their frustration. I was a child in the areas of language, memory, music and writing gifted (no kidding right?). But very uncomfortable and sad. Not many friends. I could not socially. My motor skills were particularly devastating, and not the time to understand why, and has not been arrested, of course. But now I understand. Everything is now together. I would say that socially, it was still back, but more than 27 years, finally reached the point of refinement and social comfort. Until then, I was driving completely on the unwritten social rules. It just takes longer, but you can do, and if so, you will be able to prove his brilliance in all! Love it, not hideare intelligent in it! And remember, above all, to learn more about before speaking. They are good communicators in the field. But do you think I run a company actually sold now? I am in terms of legal certainty, a big, too.

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