Thursday, December 31, 2009

Olympus Xd How Much Is An Olympus XD Memory Stick That Goes With My Type Of Camera But Didn't Come With It.?

How much is an Olympus XD memory stick that goes with my type of camera but didn't come with it.? - olympus xd

Hey, I just need to know how an Olympus xD memory costs. You know how the stick should be in the vicinity of the device with the batteries? Well, it's not. And he can not. I looked in the box with paper. How do you cost? Help! My camera can only be saved, 3 pictures without her. Thank you!


anthony h said...

The type of memory is the memory xD, xD-Picture Card also known.

Check this link for the typical price, the sale price might be lower: ...

Expect to spend about $ 25 for 1GB, is not for sale and about $ 37 for 2 GB, not sold.

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