Sunday, December 6, 2009

Old Soap Recipes How Can I Make Soap From Ashes And Fat/oil?

How can I make soap from ashes and fat/oil? - old soap recipes

I want to learn, they want to in the old days, today, without using bleach chemicals. Finally, and with natural fragrances and addative.
Please do not use recipes with sodium hydroxide and blah, are made like me, I'm probably a thumbs down for reading my question properly! : P


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netwalke... said...

You need alkaline ash. I think parts of bleached wood ash should work. The tribe of impurities and then boiled in water, fat and / or oil gradually and continue to stir. Drink plenty of time. You can add flavorings to the end.

mike1942... said...

Well, all the natural sites on the Internet with potassium hydroxide, pot-ash, which is what you get from wood ashes. ...

Terry G said...

You need potassium water leaching wood ashes, which will give your bleach.

The best fat tallow or lard to go chat with your local butcher.

Mix lye and tallow, soap paste. You may need to go to the library to get the right mix for your mix.

Since fat is abundant, is also used for candles.

His next project is not it?

marisa said...

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icedrago... said...

Last year in Spain, a Spanish lady, the elderly showed me his method, oil, beads of soda and water, but added that the petals to admit that it worked but not really the recipe but made a great soap for hand washing clothes.

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