Friday, December 4, 2009

Mcculloch Weed Eater Mcculloch Weed Eater Issue Please Help?

Mcculloch Weed Eater Issue Please Help? - mcculloch weed eater

I have a McCulloch (2002), the Weedeater dump the other day and put a carburetor in a new perfect race. But today I tried and tried to start it like 3 times in all drowned, and had only half a second. He tried and tried to drag and drag starts and then the gas started coming out of the spark plug hole (when the candle) to the candle in my room location was good grass exhaust McCulloch model and everything and even plug-gas was sprayed . Then I have the candle I have in my amends to my poor and implemented a crisis in the practice (I do not think it flooded) Please help me in a desperate attempt to ideas



William said...

I think that puts the valve open causing gas flows continuously through the system, put carb cleaner in the system

Alex said...

Perhaps it was in the trash for a reason!??

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