Wednesday, January 6, 2010

West Towing Contemplating A Tour Of The West. We Are Taking Our Truck/truck Camper. Should We Tow My Car Behind?

Contemplating a tour of the west. We are taking our truck/truck camper. Should we tow my car behind? - west towing

I wonder if would be behind a parked truck towing a caravan of trucks in the western sense for trips / excursions in the city. Or is it just slowly Us Down - leads increasingly concerned about parking, etc.?


denfasr said...

If you are the type of truck on the back of his truck, which can not simply tow away a vehicle. The main concern is the cost of fuel. Find fun outside of the caravan and camping site, while seeing his eyes. I understand the reason for the caravan, the costs for hotel and motel to save, should be the essence of an important concern. The distance from the campsites, caravans, so you save on fuel, while the races.

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