Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Outlaw Audio What Audio Book Is This?

What Audio book is this? - outlaw audio

I remember the children audio books, long ago, at least 7 years.

There were two children, a sister and a brother, a ranch or a boat and went along a path of cows with an older man and told a ghost story. It was a bounty hunter and an outlaw, one of the names are not Dan Silver Dollar, however, is the other name escapes me. Another part of the Ghost Story has been declared illegal, to his treasure buried somewhere in the desert.

Any help in this matter would be very grateful, thank you for your time .... Steve


lowerbea... said...

I beat my brains about this, but I do not see the name of history. Try to go to the public library and ask at the Reference Desk if you have a resource that could help. You need something.

I apologize for not having better answers. This is the kind that we know often.

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