Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buy Projector Lamp Can I Replace A Home Theater Projector Lamp Myself Or Do I Need To Take It Somewhere?

Can I replace a home theater projector lamp myself or do I need to take it somewhere? - buy projector lamp

Your projector is not under warranty. It is an Epson EMP 73c and the light goes out in it. I have not bought a replacement lamp for the moment and need to know if it as simple as opening the projector and the partition or do I take it somewhere for them? Also, if I can to repair it? Huntsville, Alabama


zyx123 said...

If you can buy a replacement lamp to the bottom with little effort. The lamp is mounted in a plastic case. Change not remove the housing, everything. When a new dam, not the actual lamp is not touching, it could ruin the use of plastic assembly to bring hope that helps.

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