Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glue To Use On Unity Sand Wedding Unity Sand Safety?

Wedding unity sand safety? - glue to use on unity sand

My wife and I the sand in the unity of our marriage and we are constantly paranoid that its guna tip will be on the sand and cracking everywhere .. The sand is in a glass vase .. I wonder what someone knows, around the tip of a glass melt, so that sand is heavily guarded and the introduction of tailor-made .. Even while I was completely free from fear, even when I turned on its head? Since the glass plate with a filling super glue? or something of that nature. One kind of cement level?

An unusual question that I know. But if you can help, it would be great!


B2B Oct. 2010! said...

Completely off topic, but long ago I had hated 2 hamsters, and only 1 glass aquarium for them. So I brought in a glass aquarium and the company from the window and asked them to put a glass wall separating the heart ... This is said with that, you can at any time, the glass of a society, and have a glass plate to cost me about $ 25 cost for the tank, not so much.

I hope I helped a little!

jennicke... said...

Oh, no! Hmm. " What is the size of the opening of the Cup? Many couples purchase wedding Star Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony Set, because the center has a glass floor and a cap to protect the sand (as at York & White shown) -5497 - Heart Shaped Wedding Star Sand Ceremony Vase set.aspx
Are you a vase? If so, perhaps you could use a wine stopper? When it opened like a big pot, so I have no idea, but I try to ask someone at Home Depot:)

auntie.b... said...

Im not sure what their names, but you go to your local craft store and ask for water, fake silk flower arrangements. It dries clear and hard. If you have any questions, whether there is something like work for your situation.

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