Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Lakes Discus How Do The Great Lakes Remain Fresh Water If They Are Connect To Salt Water Systems?

How do the great lakes remain fresh water if they are connect to salt water systems? - great lakes discus

The 5 Great Lakes are the world's largest reserves of fresh water. However, the Great Lakes are connected to 2 large seawater through a network of streams and rivers (including the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Mississippi River). Please help explain how there are large freshwater lakes in order to continue, even though they are directly connected to the water supply of the size.


Alax said...

I agree with the answer to the first. The flow of water before and lakes. When one considers all water and runoff from storm drains and flows into the Great Lakes, where the water must make out in some way. The water from the Great Lakes are nothing compared to the amount of salt water.

noinamg said...

Water always flows in lakes, salt and water is repulsive. Salt water can not follow, of course, during the push.

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